Ryan Noon is a creative director, artist, educator, and light worker. He has over 15 years experience working in fashion, print and pattern design, trend research, cultural production and programming. In 2015 he founded Blue Ribbon Studio & School, an atelier / kulturhaus / art school / club house at Nike WHQ.

He is a creative consultant specializing in concept direction, print and pattern design, crafting company culture, personal mentoring, and coaching.

Clients and collaborators include:
︎Beyoncé / IVY PARK
︎Susan Cianciolo
︎Sebastian Dale
︎Fisk Projects
︎Ryan Holiday
︎Institute of Making London
︎Mary Lattimore
︎Alexander McQueen
︎Mdou Moctar
︎Samin Nosrat
︎Michelle Obama
︎Matt Olson
︎Pacific Northwest College of Art
︎Beth Pickens
︎Harm Rensink
︎ScanLAB Projects
︎Midori Takada
︎Faye Toogood
︎Henrik Vibskov
︎Serena Williams